Human Resource Policy

     Our human resources policy which underlines the behaviours;

    • Working and relations is based on the consideration of safety and well being of our workers, respect to community;

    •  Respect to community, environment and nature, obeying the ethical values;

    • To establish a cooperation with our personnel based on confidence;  

    • To make investment for human and to provide means of improvement for each of our staff on all levels;   

    • To ensure continuing personal development of the staff for contributing the company aims of efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability. 


    • We works with high qualified people who solve, improve and say "we" instead of "I".

    • We create high loyalism by open, dialog based, sincere and transparent organization structure.

    • We train leaders who recognize and adopt the ARON culture, manage our group according to our demands and values, recommend evolutions and realize them.

    • We invest for carrier plans and create strong human resources for providing personel development and for achieving corporate goals.

    • We ensure modern life standards to our staff by offering various means of the company.