Security Systems

     Security of mankind has been one of the important facts from the existence to the present day.

     With the use of electronic technology in our age of technology, the security systems are constantly evolving.

     Theft in all states is one of the most feared events. The security systems are not to be abandoned and involved in instant warning and alarm notification with the initiation of the theft events.

     The purpose of the developing technology with the elements of the deterrence, the hazards can be minimized to prevent these events. In addition, CCTV systems with digital image recording and back up units for providing necessary evidence about the nature of the events have been developed to offer many different security solutions.

     Nizam Construction professionally designs and installs security systems without disrupting the everyday lives of the people.

     Electronic security systems can be composed of CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Camera) and early alarm systems such as anti-theft alarm, fire and gas leakage detection, in order to fight these threats.

 Security and Alarm systems can be installed individually or in a manner of integrated logic against each of these dangers.


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